MMSMOA Twitter Bot

MMSMOA bot profile image

The MMSMOA Retweet Bot was developed as a novelty bot/project by @zaskem/@matt_zaske to like/retweet original content, randomly selected from recent activity, during the MMSMOA conference.

The bot process searches for original (e.g. no retweets, quote tweets, or replies) content and, on a self-metered schedule, likes and retweets a randomly-selected match. Not all matching content will be liked/retweeted (not a live-stream bot); the intent is to select one in every 3-4 matches during periods of conference activity.

Bot code is written in PHP and uses Twitter’s v2 API for its functionality. Beyond a Twitter Developer account and method (such as Twurl) by which to create 3-Legged OAuth tokens (assuming a “bot” Twitter account is used), there are no libraries or dependencies to install for bot use.

The bot is designed to self-meter its like/retweet cadence so as not to be “spammy” or overactive. It will like/retweet no more than once every five minutes at peak capacity. Realistically, the bot self-adjusts its cadence to the average interval in which about three tweets have been posted (over the search period of the previous 1-2 hours during conference time).


The MMSMOA Retweet Bot is not officially associated with MMSMOA. The bot’s profile image is a mashup of Jamie Sale’s free clip art and the MMS logo. The bot’s header image was semi-randomly selected from the MMSMOA 2019 photo slideshow.

During MMSMOA 2022 (at MOA), find @matt_zaske to get a MMSMOA Retweet Bot sticker while they last (or just to chat)!

The GitHub repo contains the basics for getting started with such a bot.